We are the People – Lyrics

The pioneers crawled westward to the nearby promised land
They hit the dust `cause they just had a dream in a cold hand
Many of them didn‘t reach the live they struggled for
They fell in graves of silence where they weren‘t heard no more

The silent seed was planted into dry and barren land
The plant grew strong – a sign that thousands had to understand
And suddenly they felt their strength growing stronger day by day
They looked around in „Paradise”and someone was heard to say


We! We! We are the people!
We are the people, yearning to breathe free!
We, we, we are the people!
You can’t be stronger than our dream of liberty!

We! We! We are the people …

They all stood up and cried out loud that they won‘t stand no more
The power of the words was knocking at the old man‘s door
He had to realize that thousands opened ears and eyes
That they were fighting for their lives trying to tear down all their ties


Now looking back in time some ask if all was worth the stake
Many blossomed out in freedom others had no chance to take
Memories of loss and loved ones, people too young to recall
Standing on the weathered border reading the writing on the wall.